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Adding Value Through Genomic Information

As full service veterinary practitioners and consultants, assisting producers to understand and access genomic testing adds reliability and profitability regardless of end point target. Any producer with Angus influenced genetics in their cow herd can add customized genetic selection tools designed to implement genetic values into individual breeding programs. AVC will assist producers to acquire sample kits as well as collection and lab submission.

Method Genetics

Managing risk isn't new to beef producers. Managing risk by using highly reliable performance information and genomic data is rapidly changing management and strategic marketing through all beef production segments.

Expanded opportunities are available for all beef producers using Angus genetics to access advancing technology and incorporate genomic information.

Method Genetics Services

Method Genetics, LLC provides genetic selection tools that enhance individual decision making for seedstock or commercial beef producers. By using the most advanced methodology, Method Genetics provides customized solutions to assist producers in capturing and implementing genetic values into their individual breeding programs.

Method Genetics™ products offer a dynamic system that combines phenotype, pedigree and genomic databases from Method Genetics customers. Each customer's data may vary in detail. Method Genetics advanced methodology has the capacity to accept the varying data and develop evaluation tools relevant to each specific operation.

For Commercial Cow-Calf Producers | Producers Retaining Ownership | Feeders

Method Commercial is an entry level, genomic product commercial cow-calf producers can use as a screening tool to cull or identify replacements. Producers retaining ownership or feeders can benefit from valuable carcass quality information.

Method Choice is an opportunity for cow-calf producers to build a comprehensive genetic evaluation of their cow herd and calf crops produced. Through the use of genomic technology, some ancestral information, and options for the use of basic performance data, selection tools are generated for genetic decision making or marketing avenues.

Cow-calf producers buying elite herd sire genetics and retaining replacements can use Method Choice as the building blocks for their first within-herd genetic evaluation. By supplying individual identification and data, a genetic evaluation system can become a part of future herd selection and breeding strategies.