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Beef Cattle Reproductive Services

AVC is expanding its semen sales and beef cattle reproductive services. Science and advancing technology are providing affordable, new tools to all progressive beef producers. Our goal is to provide "turnkey" reproductive management in an effort to assist AVC customers to more effectively manage risk, add value and increase profitability. From genomic consulting and testing to semen sales and breeding services, the AVC team of veterinarians and skilled technicians want to be a part of your whole herd health management strategy.

Complete Reproductive Services

• Estrus synchronization is a cost effective reproductive management tool for those producers seeking to maximize the value of artificial insemination in their cow herds. Cows that conceive early in the breeding season produce calves that weigh more at weaning. The economic returns of more and higher quality pounds make estrus synchronization a sound business decision. For more information, visit here.

• Artificial insemination in a beef production system provides many benefits over natural service. Producers using AI have access to the most proven and reliable genetics, regardless of breed. Sire selection can be managed to apply selection pressure to improve cow herd weaknesses and make rapid genetic improvements. For those producers retaining ownership, using AI and genomic testing can serve as a risk management tool, while adding value to the end product. For more information, visit here.

• Pregnancy examination is a management tool influencing profitability of both heifers and cows when used as an effective culling strategy. Research indicates the value of pregnancy testing equates to approximately $77 per cow. Herds incorporating pregnancy testing protocols were more productive and economical and prevented the additional cost of keeping open cows in the herd after breeding season. For more information, visit here.

• Ultrasound to determine fetal sex is an accurate and valuable tool in a beef producer's management strategy. Ultrasound can be used to determine pregnancy as well as age and sex of fetus with nearly 100% accuracy. As soon as 30 days post breeding, cows can be sorted based on length of pregnancy, environmental and forage requirements and managed to a producer's most relevant end point. Ultrasound can also be effectively used to determine reproductive soundness and implemented into culling and replacement strategies. For more information, visit here.